Good therapy can be the vehicle to claiming and advocating for your highest self....that is not always an easy path. My hope and intention is to facilitate this process in those who desire and seek me out......

The following poem is by Ruth Buczynski, PhD. Let it seep into your heart, your deepest pores.....bathe your bones and cells and give you peace.................

May you have big dreams, far beyond anything you can imagine today
May you trust that you have special gifts and vow to share them with the world
May you walk side by side with your fear, and know that being afraid is human

May you refuse to give up in the face of uncertainty or "something different'
May you learn how to say no and when to say yes
May your discomfort with complacency eclipse your fear of failure or the unknown

May you resolve to just "go for it" even when the world tries to hold you back
May you never settle for "good enough" when you can have much more
May you find fulfillment in your successes and motivation in your failiures.

May you leave your doubts behind you and never back away from a challenge
May you cast off the shell that keeps you from blossoming, and never crawl back into it--
no matter what life throws at you
May you never be limited by anyone, not even yourself

May you find wealth in Love, Happiness and Success!!!

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