When we think of "New Year's Day", it usually means January 1. On the other hand, there was a popular saying several years ago.....TODAY IS THE FIRST DAY OF THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.

There's no need to wait until January 1st to start fresh, to begin start moving toward the possibility of creating more of what you are wanting in your life. Any day...every day is a new opportunity to start something that can help achieve that goal.

The most significant way to get ready to start something new is to look closley at your current beliefs. It's so common for us to think we are seeing what's real, when actually, what makes up our experiences are only the beliefs we have created in our own minds over time and it's not necessarily reality at all.

A good look at your belief system can tell you if it is bringing you joy and happiness, or are causing pain and suffering. We have been taught that there is a way things are "supposed" to be and when they don't turn out that way, often resentment creeps in to one degree or another.

Someone once said that holding on to resentment is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. And yet, when we've had our feelings hurt, been disappointed, been treated unjustly, abused or a myriad of other things....resentment, like a thief in the nite, sneaks in and hovers over everything that we do.

How do YOU handle resentment? It can be hard to resove and move beyond. It can be very beneficial to have your very own advocate in a counselor of some type. One thing that can be helpful is to realize that letting go of resentment is for your own benefit. It isn't saying that what happened to you is ok, Or that the other person is right.....but, the purpose is to release the tension in your own body, see the world as a friendlier place and have healthier blood vessels....and a healtheir body, in general. Resentment causes tension and that can show up as mysterious physical symptoms or disease as a result of drinking the poison.

Just as I'm writing this, i was interrupted by this message that i will's just a better way of making the point. "It is from your peace of mind, that a peaceful perception of the world's all within the mind. Every idea, every decision begins in the mind and is then extended into the world that you believe is really there...."

SOOOO, perhaps this is the day...the first day...of a new you, or a new belief, a new behavior and a new sense of peace.


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